Election of the Secretary of the Club and the President of the Assembly of members

On 13 December last, the rooms of the Circolo Curiel in Luxembourg, historical site voluntary field solidarity and progressive, and the Pd natural home, hosted the Meeting of the members of the party. A meeting heard, full of meanings especially in light of the terrible events that took place recently in France and Belgium, the concerns related to the socio-economic policy, and even more from our local events more strictly and directly related to the life of the club itself, as the final budget of European Unity Party and the election of the new secretary. Of quest ‘last point in particular, the discussion saw participants new and young faces alongside those of those who have written the history of the party in Luxembourg. L ‘meeting, opened by the outgoing President and reappointed Dr. Mario Tommasi, recorded a single application, that of Dr. Cristiano Cavuto, married and father of two children, a general practitioner and work at one of the Occupational Medicine Services more known in Luxembourg, on which all present have deliberately decided to converge. The new secretary, a member of the club by far in 2008, life experience, and professional studies in Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg, humanly linked to the group of members and supporters that he called “fantastic” in an excerpt of his speech, he placed the ’emphasis on the importance of the recovery of an ongoing dialogue, open and transparent relaunching the concept of lifelong listening as the basis of democratic political discourse, in order to gather the will to constructively compare the different souls of the party. He welcomed, in particular, the proposal of the historic former Secretary Roberto Serra to transform the party headquarters in a “listening cities”, open at the base, so that the same may once again be a leader of a party that has deep and indisputable socialist roots popular and always placed at the side of the weakest. After the election, the brief speech of thanks and settlement marked by the concept that the party is for everyone and that the divisions, albeit legitimize, are not the solution to the reaffirmation of the values that have accompanied the transformation of the original parties to the creation of the Democratic Party same. Finally, a word to the coming meetings, which will be monthly and the hoped for close cooperation with other European Clubs in order to point out clearly and unequivocally the European pluralist party vocation, in contrast with the nationalist and separatist forces of conservative formations “facil-populist”.

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